Friday, July 11, 2014

Epilogue of a Dream

Now that we're home, our time is spent readjusting to the time difference and "normalcy". We get up earlier and go to bed earlier than we used to, although, Larry seems to be staying up later again, which was normal for him. We get very tired during the day and nap on the deck. We were used to several naps a day on the long bus rides abroad. Although the weather in Rhode Island has been glorious since our return, the couple of days' yard work has worn us both out completely. Larry commented that it seemed easier digging holes in high 90's temperatures with high humidity in South Carolina than it is using an electric hedge trimmer to clear the stairs to our beach. I haven't even been down to the beach yet. I just can't get myself down there. Swimming is not as much fun alone. Larry's not much of a beach guy.

I miss all the company of our trip; all the excitement of daily human interaction. I love my husband, and we have fun together, but I enjoyed the banter of strangers. It's tough to get back to being just the two of us, doing normal things. What we have been doing is weeding, pruning, trimming and raking. Our yard has not been touched all season because we have just not been here long enough until now. I'm not getting the joy from yard work I once did, or from planting herbs. Maybe I'm just experiencing some post-vacation blues. I know it will pass. It is another beautiful day in our gorgeous home. I smell salt in the air, and listen to the birdies sing. Hummingbirds are all out and we are enjoying watching their antics. But, I miss my family and friends.

Trying to connect with as many loved ones as possible in three weeks is certainly a challenge. Most have only weekends available. We have only three of those. But, I have been successful at scheduling some mid-week visits coming up. Schedules are tight, and we'll be leaving again for the south in early August. When I checked in at my gym the other day to assure my trainer I was returning in the fall, I received, "Oh no!", to information that we'd only be here for a few more weeks then leaving again. I hate getting that response. It makes me feel like I am abandoning people somehow. I know how difficult it is to make plans with someone when you "never know where they are or will be", but that's our life. We like it. It just feels a little lonely sometimes.

Ah, the grass really is always greener, isn't it. I am so grateful for our trip to the Celtic Isles. We had such a wonderful time. The sites and sounds and experiences we had were priceless. I can't wait to return for the Crowley Clan Gathering in Kinsale, Ireland in September, 2016. Until then, Slainte!

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  1. Great, great post. I feel all of it. Love you, Kath.